David Harbour Opens Up On Sudden Weight Loss For Stranger Things Season 4

David Harbour is undoubtedly enjoying the peak of his career with notable roles as Red Guardian in 2021's Black Widow and Netflix's critically-acclaimed series, Stranger Things, playing Hawkins' Chief of Police, Jim Hopper.

After witnessing Hopper's unfortunate demise at the conclusion of Season 3, fans were shocked when he returned in Stranger Things Season 4 in an amazing new look.

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David Harbour Reflects on Jaw-Dropping Weight Loss for Hopper's Return in Stranger Things Season 4

In a recent interview with People, David Harbour opens up on his weight loss journey to prepare for his return in the fourth season of Stranger Things. Harbour called the entire experience a "rebirth" and noted that it's the little things he finds exciting. See Harbour's full quote below:

"It opened up a whole new world, [I'm] a lot more pliable and a lot more teachable, even in my mid 40s, than I ever imagined it could be. And it felt like a rebirth. It was really refreshing and really exciting to feel like after months of training, 'Oh now I can just sprint across the street if a car comes.' Just simple little things like that that were really exciting for me."

Although he now embraced his new lean body, he clarified that he still loved his "big dad bod" figure. He also said that these changes are necessary for an actor "to live in different skin," just like a chameleon:

"When I'm in my big dad bod mode ... I love my big body as much as I love my lean athletic body. Something about being an actor is you are allowed to live in different skin and I like being a chameleon in that way. I much prefer to be more of a chameleon, and figure out how it feels to be in different skin."

David Harbour Reveals Hopes for Hopper in Stranger Things Season 5

Now that the hit series is approaching the impending finale with Stranger Things Season 5, fans all over the world are rallying to keep their favorite characters alive. Despite Hopper escaping death once, his fate is still in jeopardy now that Vecna has taken over Hawkins, as he told Variety:

“There were several times I thought he should die. I certainly thought that in the beginning because he was so destroyed and hell-bent on destruction. Then when it seemed like he went in Season 3, I was happy for him.”

Harbour still believes that the show should keep Hopper alive in the finale, especially now that he’s “being resurrected as the man he wants to become.” He concluded:

“It would almost be nicer to keep him alive. Let’s see what they choose.”

Stranger Things Season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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