David F. Sandberg: His Director’s Cut of ‘Shazam!’ Would Actually be Shorter

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Batman v Superman and Watchmen were movies that were ultimately made better by extended cuts, and a lot of people have been asking for those when it comes to DCEU films. With Shazam! hitting home video this July, director David F. Sandberg has something to say for anyone asking for an extended cut of the movie.

This was his post:

We don't know exactly what he would cut from the movie, but Sanberg did reveal that the fight between Shazam and Sivana in the city was actually part of a reshoot because they felt that a fight that was contained in a carnival was too compact.


Some deleted scenes also include a teaser for Black Adam plus an alternate ending where all the kids go "Shazam!" and fly offscreen.

For now, I have to say Shazam! was probably the better of the last few DCEU films. Sure Aquaman was a spectacle, but I think Shazam! ultimately had more heart, what with Billy Batson being rejected by his mother and finding solace in his foster family.

We don't know when the sequel for Shazam! will come out, but we already know that a script is in the works from writer Henry Gayden. It's also unsure, but it's likely the movie will release after Black Adam which is said to be shooting sometime next year according to The Rock.

For now, catch Shazam! when it hits digital this July 2 and Blu-Ray and DVD July 16.

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