David Ayer's Suicide Squad Was Supposed to Set Up Zack Snyder's Two-Part Justice League

With Zack Snyder's Justice League finally coming to HBO Max next year, DCEU fans have also voiced their need for a possible Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad. Like Justice League, Suicide Squad was a big victim of the Warner Bros. executives, even if it did make more money and gain more fans than the Whedon Cut of Justice League. It looks like Snyder Cut fans may also want to get the Ayer Cut since David Ayer said the film was supposed to set up Snyder's two-part Justice League.

On Twitter, Ayer stated that Suicide Squad was supposed to be "the appetizer" for Snyder's two-part Justice League, which the director confirmed was much more ambitious than the original movie fans saw. Apparently, Snyder and Ayer worked together to sync up their films, which is always appreciated in a cinematic universe since it makes the continuity feel more put together.

The cut everyone saw of Suicide Squad did a poor job of setting up Justice League since it just gave fans a quick post-credits sequence of Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne meeting Amanda Waller. Wayne then received a book with the files of characters like Aquaman and The Flash before storming off like a prick. It doesn't sound too bad but Wonder Woman already received an email from Batman that set up Justice League back in BvS so this post-credits sequence added nothing.

If they do release an Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad, here's hoping that the direct ties are more than just a passing reference. Then again, we just want to be assured that both the Ayer and Snyder Cut are good.

Zack Snyder's Justice League comes out next year on HBO Max.

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