Darth Vader Brings Back Ancient Sith Lord To The Realm Of The Living

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Darth Vader #24.

It looks like Marvel Comics' Darth Vader series continues to shock the Star Wars fanbase, this time bringing an ancient Sith back to the land of the living to battle with Darth Vader.

Last week, Darth Vader surprised fans when it revealed everyone's favorite Sith Lord's ability to tear down the wall separating the living and the dead in a historic moment featuring Vader at the height of his power. It was an epic moment in the series seeing Vader pierce right through the barrier separating life and death, and fans saw the villain at his strongest.

Now, Darth Vader continues to surprise with its newest issue bringing Momin back to life. The Sith Lord who had died a thousand of years in the past remained alive in spirit and after helping Vader tear down the wall of death, Momin called back his physical body for a full-on resurrection in the galaxy far, far away. Unfortunately, Momin didn't necessarily return to sit back and chill together with Vader in his castle.


Fooling Vader, Momin attacks Vader, and his combative skills prove to be much better than everyone's favorite Sith Lord. However, while Momin might be a better fighter than Vader, readers have to remember Anakin's connection to the Force, because, in the end, it's that trust in the Force that leads him to defeat the resurrected Sith.


Guess ancient Siths can be killed by hurling giant rocks through the Force.

We can't wait to see what happens as Darth Vader continues.

Darth Vader #23 is available for purchase in comic book shops.

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