Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Favorite Harry Potter Film

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Fans have always had a hard time picking their favorite Harry Potter film considering that each of the eight movies has been special in its own way. However, Daniel Radcliffe had no problem declaring his own personal favorite and it's for a very obvious reason.

As the lead star of the franchise, Radcliffe appeared in all of the Harry Potter movies starting from The Sorceror's Stone. That means he got to work with every actor who has ever worked on the franchise. Interestingly, one particular co-star is the reason why Radcliffe had declared Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix as his favorite Harry Potter movie.

Radcliffe recently took part in WIRED's Autocomplete Interview where he answered questions based on internet searches. Naturally, fans want to know which Harry Potter film he likes the most and the answer is pretty obvious.


"The fifth one, which is not one that most people cite as one of their favorites," Radcliffe stated. He then confirmed that he chose The Order of The Phoenix because it allowed him to work with Gary Oldman extensively.

"I got to work with Gary Oldman a bunch in it. And I was sort of a little bit older at that point, so I was able to appreciate that more," Radcliffe said. He then declared a second favorite.


"But to watch, probably the last one," Radcliffe said, referring to Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 2.

It's not exactly a huge surprise that Radcliffe chose the film that allowed him to spend more time with Oldman. The Miracle Workers star has been vocal about being a huge fan of the Dracula actor so it makes sense that Harry Potter 5 would be his favorite.

Oldman was first introduced as Sirius Black in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban in 2004. The Darkest Hour actor returned as Harry's godfather in The Goblet of Fire before the character was killed off in The Order of the Phoenix. Oldman reprised the role in a cameo in the eighth and final movie.

Radcliffe's next project is the comedy adventure flick The Lost City of D which premieres on April 15, 2022.

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