Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland Star in Thrilling First Trailer for Chaos Walking

With director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow)and stars Daisy Ridley (Star Wars) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man), a lot of people thought that Chaos Walking had a lot of great stuff going for it. Though the movie had undergone a massive delay (which one hasn't?), we now have our first look at the film set to come out early next year.

In the not too distant future, Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland) discovers Viola (Daisy Ridley), a mysterious girl who crash lands on his planet, where all the women have disappeared and the men are afflicted by "the Noise" – a force that puts all their thoughts on display. In this dangerous landscape, Viola's life is threatened – and as Todd vows to protect her, he will have to discover his own inner power and unlock the planet's dark secrets.

The movie had been plagued with a rumor that Lionsgate had thought that film was ‘unreleasable' and fixes were said to have been hard to do since Holland and Ridley have gone on to be huge stars. We don't know why the movie is coming out now, but January has become a ‘dump month' according to the industry, and it's likely the studio just wants this film to die when it hits the box office.

Then again, who knows? Liman is still a pretty solid director and Ridley and Holland are fantastic actors. Chaos Walking could very much bring the dystopian YA genre back, but hopefully it becomes more than that.

Catch Chaos Walking when it comes out Jan 22, 2021.

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