Crazy Obscure That ‘70s Show Easter Egg Spotted in Stranger Things

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We know that Netflix's Stranger Things is basically an ode to all things 80s, and you can spot a lot of references in the series from Star Wars to The Terminator. What's interesting though, is that there's a ridiculously obscure Easter Egg that's been spotted that's calling out to 90s sitcom That ‘70s Show.

This was posted up on Reddit:

Coincidence? I think not...

It's an insane reference, seeing that Lucas and Max are wearing the exact same clothes from the show, down to the colors and seam lines. It's also worth noting that the characters in T7S wearing the outfits, Eric and Donna, are a couple on their show; Lucas and Max are a couple in Stranger Things as well.

Some are boiling this down to a crazy coincidence. Maybe the costume department had a full batch of period clothes to choose from and they somehow picked the same shirts that were used in T7S. If anything, some people think this was intentionally done by the costume department, and someone has just been waiting for fans to spot it after all this time.

For now, Stranger Things Season 4 is on hiatus thanks to the worldwide lockdown. The series was actually in the middle of shooting when everyone was suddenly ordered to go home. We don't now when production can resume again, but everyone is hoping that cameras can start rolling by July.

No release date has been set for Stranger Things 4, but everyone is hoping that we get a release by 2021.

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