Cowboy Bebop Writer Hypes Up Netflix Show's Cancelled Season 2 Scripts

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There is little doubt that people have mixed feelings about the cancellation of Cowboy Bebop. While some are relieved that the live-action series will no longer be moving forward, others are still wondering what could have been if the show got a second season. Interestingly, Season 2 might have been a truly fun ride and writer Naomi Markman claims that people are "missing out" on some exciting episodes.

Naomi Markman was one of the writers who worked on the first season of Cowboy Bebop and she revealed that she had the honor of reading some of the discarded scripts that could have been used for Season 2 episodes. Interestingly, Markman points out that it's a shame that these screenplays will never be produced.


"Not to rub it in your faces, but as the individual who has read the Cowboy Bebop S2 scripts more than anyone else in this world - f-ck you’re missing out," Markman wrote.

That's an intriguing tease at what the cast and crew had planned for Cowboy Bebop Season 2. Although Markman didn't reveal any details about the second season, the season finale may have given us a clue.

In the Cowboy Bebop season finale, Spike Spiegel meets Radical Ed, who found Ein after the Data Dog was left behind by the Bebop crew. She tells Spike that she found a new bounty for him and that they should go after the Butterfly Man aka Vincent Volaju.


That's not the only clue we have so far. John Cho previously revealed in an interview that he was wearing a prop T-shirt that looked like a souvenir shirt from Alba City. That's the same city Volaju has been running in the Cowboy Bebop movie and a possible hint that Season 2 could have taken pointers from the film.

Sadly, we'll never get the chance to meet Volaju or visit Alba City. Still, fans can still continue watching the first and only season of Cowboy Bebop which is still streaming on Netflix.

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