Could The Mandalorian Feature a Mid-Season Time Jump?

With Disney keeping a tight lid on The Mandalorian, fans only have the slightest idea of what to expect with Season 2. Pedro Pascal had confirmed that the second season will start right where the first one left off, but is it possible that we could be looking at a time jump within the season?

As pointed out by some fans online, Greef Karga's facial hair has changed from black to gray, and it's possible that this could be a hint at some time passing by.

You'll also notice that Cara Dune's hair is longer compared to her look in the previous season, and she's also sporting different armor.

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While it's not much, it's still something, and I wouldn't rule out a time jump of just a few months or even a year. There's even speculation that Karga has become a government official again, what with his fancier attire for Season 2. Do you think he'll strike a deal with the Imperial remnant and get his old job back? What if it's the New Republic that appoints him?

This is all just speculation on the fans' part, but until we get something else from Disney/Lucasfilm, guessing is all we can really do. Maybe a time jump could be helpful in establishing a new status quo between Mando and Baby Yoda; maybe he finally gives it a name, or maybe it can start talking when the Season starts? We'll just have to wait and see.

Catch The Mandalorian Season 2 when it premieres on Disney+ this Oct. 30.

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