Could Niantic Be Preparing Mythical Pokemon For Pokemon Go?

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It looks like Pokemon Go gamers are in for a treat.

Yesterday, Niantic announced that it was rolling out a new update for its popular Pokemon augmented reality gaming app this week, saying that it was going to fix a bunch of the app's longstanding bugs. However, it seems like dataminers have managed to discover some pretty big surprises in Pokemon Go's newest patch.


With only a few weeks left to Pokemon Go's upcoming Thanksgiving event, dataminers on The Silph Road have reported that 3D assets for Ho-OH and Celebi have just been added into the game. For those who aren't that familiar with the Pokemon, Ho-Oh is the very last Legendary Pokemon from the Pokemon game's first two generations that still hasn't been able to appear in the gaming app.

Meanwhile, Celebi is a Mythical Pokemon, a type that has yet to appear in Pokemon Go. Mythical Pokemon aren't like normal or Legendary Pokemon – one can never really catch them in any of the main Pokemon games. Most of the times, gamers would have to look out for giveaways to get them.

However, while this new datamine reveals that Celebi is being added into Pokemon Go, there's no certainty that the Mythical Pokemon will appear tomorrow. Nor is there certainty that Niantic is making Celebi a Raid Boss. The developer could have other plans for the Mythical Pokemon, maybe a special event.

Let's wait and see.

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