Could Hideo Kojima Be Teasing The Release Of Death Stranding In 2018?

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It might be a year and a half since Kojima Productions announced that they were developing Hideo Kojima's mysterious action video game Death Stranding, however, the game is yet to receive an official release date.

Gamers have been intrigued by Death Stranding ever since it was announced at Sony's E3 2016 conference. The game will be Kojima's very first project since his controversial decision to leave Konami back in 2015, and there's been a lot of anticipation building up over the game thanks to the trailers released by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Luckily, it seems like gamers won't have to wait that long. According to Twitter user @bk2128, Kojima has been teasing the release of his project sometime in 2018 in an interview with Japanese gaming magazine, Dengeki PlayStation.

Of course, the video game developer could very well be talking about something else in his Tweet. He could be talking about Kojima Production's next project – who knows. Still, the tease did come out right after Kojima mentioned that Sony told him that they've "never seen people working on a fast pace like this," so it's hard to imagine that the developer wasn't thinking of Death Stranding when he said he'd be announcing something next year. Let's just wait and see.

Death Stranding doesn't have an official release date just yet, but we'll keep everyone updated as soon as we get word.

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