Coroner Declares Death of Deadpool 2 Stunt Driver as 'Accidental'

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the production of Deadpool 2 because of the death of stunt drive Joi "SJ" Harris. The stunt performer was a 40-year-old racer was doing motorcycle stunts for Zazie Beetz' Domino when she lost control of her bike, crashing into the Shaw Tower while filming in Vancouver, Canada back in August 2017.

It took years for the Deadpool 2 production to be fined for the violation of safety rules that lead to Harris' death. Last April, Harris' family was able to reach a settlement with 20th Century Fox for an undisclosed sum.

Now, in June, a new coroner's report deems the stunt performer's death as "accidental."

According to Global News, BC Coroners Service just released a new report regarding Harris' passing, noting how the blunt force traumatic head injuries of the production accident lead to her death. The fact that she was not wearing a helmet was a major contributing factor to her passing. The coroner's report also notes how Harris had rehearsed the stunt about seven times. She increased the speed before the crash occurred.

It's a bit surprising that the coroner's report has just come out now. We would imagine the report to come out much sooner, weeks or at the least, months after Harris' death. Still, we're glad that the coroner's report has been made public. Perhaps the report's come out now because of WorkSafeBC's investigation into Harris' passing.

We're hoping that Marvel will look closely into the production of future Deadpool movies and make sure that all of the stunts are kept safe.

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