Cool Mod Brings Overwatch's Reaper To Street Fighter V

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Street Fighter V has had a few modders add some Overwatch character skins to the game like Tracer and D.Va, and now a new skin for Charlie Nash has the character turning into Overwatch's resident edgelord, Reaper.

Check him out:

The video includes some cutscenes involving Charlie with the Reaper skin instead, as well as gameplay with Reaper doing Charlie's moves. I have to say it's the perfect character choice for the skin; Charlie's "back-from-the-dead" backstory almost has the same thing going on with Reaper, and now all we need is a Soldier: 76 skin for Guile.


A lot of characters from Overwatch have actually been modded into Street Fighter V already including Tracer, Widowmaker, Mei, D.Va, Sombra, Reinhardt, and Roadhog. I think it's absolutely perfect that they have a Roadhog skin for Birdie and a Reinhardt one for Zangief. The choice to have a Tracer skin for Cammy is also spot-on, and Mei is justso cute doing R. Mikan's moves!

To check out some more cool skins, you should go to THEJAMK's Patreon account here.

Street Fighter V and Overwatch are currently playable for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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