Controversial Game of Thrones Showrunners Could be Involved with Amazon's Lord of the Rings Show

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It seems like Star Wars isn't the only big franchise that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss - aka DnD - are working on. If this report from Deadline is right, the controversial duo could be signing a deal with Amazon Studios, who are hoping to get the duo's input for the upcoming Lord of the Rings series. Considering the duo's work on Game of Thrones, it's easy to see why the studio would want their say on things.

On the other hand, when you consider how these two wrote one of the worst finales to a beloved series like Game of Thrones, there is a lot to be concerned about.

To be fair, Lord of the Rings is a complete story already, with a lot of the new material for the show still based on J.R.R. Tolkien's work. Benioff and Weiss proved that they could adapt material that was already written for them since the early seasons for Game of Thrones are considered by many to be the finest television you'll ever watch.


When the two don't have to write things for themselves - see the final few seasons for Game of Thrones - fans could be in for a good time. This means that Amazon's Lord of the Rings series could be safe in their hands since all of the work has already been written. Meanwhile, George R.R. Martin is still writing the final books for A Song of Ice and Fire.

No release date for Amazon's Lord of the Rings has been revealed.

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