Comeback Bands Confirmed to Perform Haikyuu!! Season 3 Theme Songs

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Haikyuu!! is coming back for its third season in October. But the anime is not all that's coming back to the series.

In the issue 35 of Weekly Shonen Jump (via Anime News Network), we learn that the two bands that performed theme songs for the previous seasons of Haikyuu!! are also set to perform for season three.


What's more, the opening and ending song titles have already been confirmed. Burnout Syndromes will be performing "Hikiariare" and Nico Touches the Walls will perform "Mashi Mashi," which are the opening and ending songs respectively.

Fans of Haikyuu!! may be familiar with the two bands. Nico Touches the Walls performed "Tenchi Gaeshi," which is the first ending theme for season one of Haikyuu!! Burnout Syndromes was responsible for the very catchy and upbeat "Fly High!!" the opening for season two.

One of the things that make Haikyuu!! great besides the story and the voice actors would have to be the song. Each and every one of the opening and ending theme songs take a life of their own that match the very heart of the anime.

Maybe it started with Spyair's "Imagination," which was probably one of the nicest theme songs played to an opening scene. Theme songs from Haikyuu!! always leave you with that inspired "fly high!" feeling that's very fitting of the sports genre.

For now, check out this teaser video for the upcoming battle between Karasuno High School and Shiratorizawa Academy. Haikyuu!! Season 3 is set to animate the two teams' goal of becoming the one team that will get to the Nationals. There's also a new visual released by the official Haikyuu!! Twitter, featuring the Shiratorizawa team.

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