Comcast Unlikely To Try And Outbid Disney For 21st Century Fox’s Assets

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It looks like there's good news for those betting on Disney in the war for 21st Century Fox's television and film assets.

The battle between the Mickey Mouse House and Comcast might be coming to an end. According to a report by CNBC, Disney's competitor in the acquisition of 21st Century Fox is now unlikely to offer another bid for the studio's film and television assets and focus on bidding for Britain's Sky television instead.

Back in June, the US Department of Justice decided to approve Disney's bid to acquire 21st Century Fox given that the Mickey Mouse House has to chuck out Fox's regional sports networks from its deal because of concerns that the company might monopolize the industry by adding the sports network to ESPN. Ever since the DOJ's approval, rumors had it that Comcast would take its bid elsewhere on focus on a different acquisition instead.

Sure Sky television might not be 21st Century Fox, it's still an attractive purchase. Not only would it increase the telecommunications conglomerate's shares, it'd also help the company move deeper into the UK market. Also, the company is 39 % owned by Fox, so in some sense, that's also a win for Comcast right?

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