Colin Farrell Will Wear Prosthetics to Play the Penguin

We've already gotten two looks at Robert Pattinson in the upcoming Batman standalone movie, but everyone is eager to see what his Rogues Gallery will look like in the film. Colin Farrell has been cast as the Penguin in the film, and we have some new details on his look in the movie.

Oddly enough, the source is actor Rob McClure who says he got a look at the Penguin's prosthetics while he was being fitted for his makeup for the stage adaptation of Mrs. Doubtfire. Here's the video:

Here's the video of Rob McClure talking about the Penguin prosthetics.

"I walked in and they were like ‘hang on, we just have to clear off this table' and they were building the Penguin prosthetics for Colin Farrell in the new Batman movie, I was like ‘I'm in the right place.'"

McClure didn't really go into any details as to what the prosthetics look like, but at least we know that Colin Farrell's face will be slightly altered for the film. While the Penguin almost always has a hooked nose, I'm interested to see if Matt Reeves and his team have some different ideas for Oswald Cobblepot in this movie.

If anything, I really want Farrell to have a mouth in his movie. Farrell can pull off some fun dialogue if you've watched films like In Bruges and Guy Ritchie's latest The Gentlemen. I'd love to see his Penguin go off on a bunch of henchmen or swear at Batman when he's going after him.

For now, The Batman's release date has been moved to Oct. 1, 2021.

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