Colin Farrell Praises Matt Reeves' Work on The Batman

Matt Reeves' The Batman will be coming out late next year to an appropriate October 2021 release date and fans can't wait to see this version of the beloved DC character. It seems like DC and Warner Bros. have some faith in Reeves' abilities since they already announced a new series that focuses on the Gotham City police with his involvement. As we wait for some more details and images, cast member Colin Farrell has nice things to say about the movie.

Speaking with SFX Magazine (via Metro), Farrell praised what Reeves has done with the mythos of Batman, claiming that it manages to stay true to everything in the comics while not borrowing anything explicitly. The actor claims that Reeves manages to balance that line of familiarity and uniqueness, which is something us comic book geeks are always looking forward to.

"I have been watching the Batman films with my kids, but this script is something that feels incredibly original. It leans into it but it doesn't borrow; it's born of the mythology of that character, Bruce Wayne, Batman and Gotham. But it feels like a treatment and a version that I hadn't seen before."

Considering how many times we've seen Batman's universe restart in movies and shows, it's going to take a lot of convincing to make us believe this take on The Dark Knight is truly unique. Some of us might nitpick the movie, pointing out similarities from the various Batman media out there but we're always willing to see how they bring a version of Bruce Wayne to the big screen.

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Credit: DC/Telltale Games

The Batman will be coming to theaters in October 2021. Here's hoping that things get better by then. Farrell is expected to play The Penguin in this movie, which should be one of the more unique interpretations of the character.

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