Cobra Kai Season 4: Is Terry Silver's Return Absurd? Thomas Ian Griffith Seems to Think So

Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Credit: Netflix/YouTube

The return of Terry Silver, played by Thomas Ian Griffith, in Cobra Kai Season 4 is absurd, according to the actor himself.

The tumultuous Season 3 finale featured the much-discussed scene of Kreese (Martin Cove) enlisting the help of an old acquaintance, Terry.

Fans were excited to see Griffith's pompous nemesis from The Karate Kid Part III return, speculating on how the flashy villain would fit into the world of Cobra Kai, which is known for affectionately mocking its own characters while simultaneously painting them in shades of gray.

Cobra Kai Season 4: Absurd, But Fanstastic

With the release of Cobra Kai Season 4 approaching, the cast has started dropping hints about what fans may expect. Ralph Macchio (who plays Daniel LaRusso) suggested that there would be another element to Terry's role in the upcoming episodes, shedding light on his involvement.

He also admitted that the third installment of The Karate Kid franchise was not well received by many fans, and that Cobra Kai would try to change that by including the villain.

Griffith has now shared his thoughts on how Terry fits into the hit Netflix series. Griffith talks about how his return to Cobra Kai came about and Terry's connection with Kreese in an interview with EW to promote the fourth season of Cobra Kai, which will premiere on Netflix on Dec. 31.

When asked if Terry has changed since the last time audiences saw him, the actor believes the character still has the adversarial glee for which he is known. Griffith also admits that Terry's concern for the All Valley tournament is ridiculous, given his wealth:

[Something] I think we’ve kept alive with Terry [on Cobra Kai] is bringing back that glee he has. He actually enjoys this — he’s this billionaire who will have all this going on and [still] go back to the small little world of a karate tournament in the Valley. It’s so absurd that it’s fantastic!

What’s Terry Gonna Do in Cobra Kai Season 4?

Terry appeared to instruct Cobra Kai pupils not to fight ahead of the All Valley competition in a new trailer, which seemed shocking. The villains of The Karate Kid aren't known for taking the high road in any situation, but as co-creator Josh Heald pointed out with Chozen, people can change.

Of course, now that Terry is back with Kreese, one has to wonder how much he's changed. Together, they'll strive to coach the All Valley tournament winner and take as much vengeance on old foes as possible At least, that's what the footage so far suggests, but what if Terry is motivated by something else? For now, we can only wait and see.

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