Cobra Kai Creators Discuss Potential Hilary Swank Appearance

Cobra Kai has brought back pivotal characters from the Karate Kid film franchise to help continue the story of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. Throughout the four seasons of the show released so far, we saw the return of John Kreese, Terry Silver, Ali Mills, Chozen, and several others make an appearance, and now, fans are wondering when the Next Karate Kid will make her debut in the sequel series.

Hilary Swank Karate Kid 4
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Hilary Swank Karate Kid 4

In the fourth Karate Kid movie, Hilary Swank plays Julie Pierce, who learns martial arts from the late Pat Morita's Miyagi, just as Daniel LaRusso did. She's one of the major characters from the franchise, so fans are hoping that she will eventually join the show, or even just appear as a cameo.

During a recent interview with Fandom, the trio of Cobra Kai creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg talked about the possibility of Swank's Julie Pierce joining the cast, and they sound cryptically optimistic in their response.

"All we can say about her is we love Hilary Swank," said co-creator and executive producer Jon Hurwitz "We think she's a phenomenal actress and we love her character in this franchise. She was taught by Mr. Miyagi and she's somebody who is important to the Karate Kid universe. We can't say if she'll return, we can't say how she'd return if she was going to return."

"We can say that we talk about her and maybe we've met her, maybe we've worked with her, maybe we haven't," he continued. "We can't tell you anything! It's gonna continue to be a question until either she shows up or the series ends and we welcome the question every time!"

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Although they didn't provide a clear answer to whether or not Hilary Swank will return in a future season of Cobra Kai, they are willing to give her a role, but some things have to happen first before she could reprise her role. Fans should be excited that the showrunners haven't shutdown this possibility, and hopefully, Cobra Kai Season 5 will bring her back.

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