Cobra Kai Creator Hints Spinoff Ideas

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Cobra Kai is arguably one of the most popular and successful shows on Netflix. It received a lot of viewership, renewed early for the fifth season before the fourth one even aired, and earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. So are we ever going to see more of The Karate Kid universe beyond the series?

In a response to a fan question on Twitter, series co-creator Jon Hurwitz hinted that they have some ideas for potential spinoffs of the series. He tweeted, "We're batting around ideas for various Karate Kid/Cobra Kai spinoffs. Some further along than others. Won't spoil anything beyond that. #CobraKai."

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Given the huge success of the series, it is not a surprise that they are considering spinoffs of the series. There are a lot of stories that you can tell in The Karate Kid universe. As the fan suggested, it could be a prequel surrounding young Mr. Miyagi and Sato. They could also do a spinoff about Chozen's life as a changed man. They can also do an entire series surrounding the flashbacks in the third season regarding Kreese's time during the Vietnam War. Or while we have it, a spinoff revolving Stingray, who we haven't seen since the season two finale. There's a lot of potential for extending The Karate Kid universe as there are so many great characters in the series that they can explore more.

There's no information yet about when we will hear the spinoff ideas that they are working on or if they will actually come into fruition. It is exciting that they are considering such ideas. As long as the quality will be the same as the series, there should be no problem at all on doing spinoffs. Who knew that The Karate Kid franchise that started in the 80s will be as huge as this today?

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Netflix has announced that the fourth season of Cobra Kai is set to be released this coming December. They've also renewed it for a fifth season, which is reportedly set to begin production this fall.

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