Cobra Kai Creator Breaks Silence on the New Karate Kid Movie Announcement

To the surprise of many fans, Sony recently announced that they are working on a new Karate Kid movie set for a theatrical release in 2024 that is described as a "return of the original Karate Kid franchise" according to Variety. The news prompted fans to question whether this new movie is connected at all to the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai.

Now, one of the Cobra Kai co-creators, Jon Hurwitz, took to Twitter to address the recent announcement regarding the upcoming Karate Kid movie to which he revealed that none of them are going to be involved in the project and it will not be focused on the cast of the series.

"The guys and I would love to make Karate Kid and Cobra Kai movies and hope to someday. But this one isn't from us or focused on the Cobra Kai cast. Don't know much about it, but wish it well," he wrote.

It is surprising to hear that the creators of Cobra Kai, who successfully reinvigorated The Karate Kid franchise through the hit series, will not be involved in the making of the movie and it does pose a question on what the project is exactly going to be about, especially since it's supposed to be connected to the original franchise itself.

Right now, we don't have any more details regarding this new Karate Kid movie that Sony is developing. Is Daniel LaRusso going to be part of it? Is it going to focus on another The Karate Kid franchise character that hasn't appeared in Cobra Kai? Is it going to focus on Hilary Swank's Julie Pierce from The Next Karate Kid? For now, all we can do is wait for more updates soon.

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The fifth season of Cobra Kai is streaming on Netflix. The new Karate Kid movie is slated to release in theaters on June 7, 2024.

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