Clerks 3 Musical Score Will be Provided by Umbrella Academy Creator Gerard Way

It looks like Clerks 3 is definitely happening and Kevin Smith has some good news for fans who are waiting for the sequel. Musician and The Umbrella Academy co-creator Gerard Way will provide the musical score for the third Clerks movie.

Smith confirmed the news during the Reboot Roadshow where he joins fans for screenings of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot before answering their questions (via This is definitely great news for My Chemical Romance fans who have been hoping to hear something new from Way.

This will be Way's first time to provide the score for a film but he has done some previous work with soundtracks. My Chemical Romance performed a cover of Bob Dylan's Desolation Row for the soundtrack of Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie. Although he has been focusing on writing comic books, Way's involvement with Clerks 3 confirms that he is going back to his musical roots.

Although it is unclear when Clerks 3 will begin production, fans already have big hopes for The Umbrella Academy Season 2. Some are expecting Way to continue providing new music for the upcoming season and a recent report even teased on the possibility that one of the main characters might be killed off.

It was previously confirmed that Clerks 3 will bring back Jeff Anderson, who played Randal Graves in the two previous films. Likewise, Brian O'Halloran is set to return as Dante Hicks and there is little doubt that Jay and Silent Bob will be back yet again.

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