19 May 2021 5:29 PM +00:00 UTC

Cle0 Responds to Sinatraa's Apology After 6-Month VALORANT Suspension

Riot Games recently ruled that benched Sentinels member Jay "sinatraa" Won will be banned for six months from competitive VALORANT due to his inability to fully cooperate with the internal investigation regarding his ex-girlfriend Cleo 'Cle0' Hernandez's sexual abuse allegations.

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Credit: Cle0 - Twitch

Riot's decision prompted Won to post an apology to Hernandez, saying, "I've been reflecting a ton during the downtime and know how much I hurt Cleo emotionally and I'm truly sorry about it. I will learn from my mistakes and keep on trying to improve myself as a person."


Hernandez responded to Won's apology after learning of Riot's decision to extend his suspension. According to Riot's investigative team, Won promised to produce video evidence of his innocence, but he never ended up doing due to deleting the clip at Hernandez's request.

"I'll start by saying that I never once told him to delete the video. I did not care whatsoever if he kept it or not. I thought he still had it and I told the Riot investigators that I welcomed him showing the video because in it you can see his fingers dig into me when I try and move away from him. He took the video and he sent it to me. It was just in our text thread because I never delete texts," Hernandez wrote.

Hernandez went on to address Won's apology, explaining that she didn't "care for his apology" and said that no apology would mean anything to her since he never "genuinely reflected" on his actions.

"I don't care if he has grown and become a better person through me detailing the way he abused me to the public. Because the person he was when he was with me, whether he's grown or not, already did enough damage," Cle0 said.

She said that Won's apology is "entirely too late."

Hernandez said that dealing with the detectives and law enforcementhave been one of the "most traumatizing things I've done in my life." She noted that the ongoing investigation and backlash she faced in the past few months have upset her.

"I won't apologize for being angry that so many people seemed like they had just forgotten what he'd done because I don't think that's an unreasonable thing to be upset about," she wrote.

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Sinatraa has yet to respond to Cle0's statement.