Cinema’s Cosplay Policy For Avengers: Infinity War Makes Fun Of The DCEU

Though some comic book movie fans might enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters to celebrate new films in their favorite comic book franchise, cosplaying can be a distraction to other fans watching the movie. To keep everyone at peace, some theater companies have decided to put up regulations to keep fans from distracting other moviegoers from enjoying the films they want to see.

One of these theaters put up a warning right outside its screening of Avengers: Infinity War, and it looks like the cinema house wasn't afraid to throw some shade at the DC Extended Universe when it discussed its cosplay policy.

"All costumes must be work appropriate; nothing offensive, too revealing or shocking to the senses, such as excessive blood or carnage; after all, this is the Marvel Universe not DC," the notice reads.

Though we're not quite sure whether the cinema house meant the notice for its workers (work appropriate) or for the audience attending the Infinity War screening, it's pretty clear that the theater's trying to take a jab at the dark heroes of the DCEU.

Warner Brothers might be great at casting its stars for its superhero franchise, but one of the biggest issues fans and critics have about the DCEU is that the franchise's films tend to be overly dark and self-serious. Wonder Woman was an exception, but we're still waiting for the DCEU to finally find its footing.

Avengers: Infinity War is currently screening in cinemas.

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