Christopher McQuarrie Explains What Happened With Robert Pattinson After Batman News Broke

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Most of us probably remember exactly where we were when the news broke that Robert Pattinson is being cast as Batman. Interestingly, director Christopher McQuarrie knows exactly where he was: right beside Pattinson on a plane while the actor kept Googling himself on his phone.

Pattinson had previously revealed to Variety that he was on a plane headed for the Cannes Film Festival when he learned that the Batman news had leaked. At that time, the Twilight star had not even auditioned for the role yet and was concerned that the leak ruined his chances of becoming the new Caped Crusader. In his panic, he began Googling himself on his phone to find out if Warner Bros. had lost interest. Pattinson would later realize that he was sitting beside McQuarrie that time.

McQuarrie has finally spoken up about the incident and offered his side of the story on Twitter. Check out his tweet below.

"Meanwhile, I never saw his screen. I saw the news in my feed long before realizing: 'Holy shit. He's sitting right next to me. Did he see me reading that? This is awful. Should I say something?'" McQuarrie wrote. "Turns out he's a lovely guy. Thrilled for him."


We're thrilled for Pattinson as well. Luckily, Warner Bros. wasn't turned off by all the fan reaction and decided to cast him in the Matt Reeves film.

The Batman is expected to begin production by 2020. The film is then scheduled for release on June 25, 2021.

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