Christopher Lloyd Shares Ideas For Back To The Future 4 Plot, Wants To Return As Doc Brown

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Credit: Universal Pictures

Anyone up for yet another Back To The Future movie? Christopher Lloyd certainly is, and he's shared some interesting ideas about the plot for Back To The Future 4.

Lloyd recently made an appearance at ACE Comic Con in Seattle where he was asked if he would be interested in reprising his role as Doctor Emmett 'Doc' Brown (via Not surprisingly, the Addams Family star said that Back To The Future 4 should reflect the changing times.

"I think somehow it needs to kind of convey a message about something that's important to everyone, universally, like climate change. Some way of incorporating whatever fever is going on at the moment into the film and keep the feeling of one, two and three," Lloyd said.

But would he still play Doc Brown? Lloyd chose his words carefully.

"That's a tricky, tricky deal. Because you don't want to do another one and disappoint. So I don't know. I'd be happy to, for myself. But we'll see," he said.

Lloyd also had nothing but praise for his co-star Michael J. Fox, sharing how impressed he was with the actor during a previous reunion with the Back To The Future cast.

"His Parkinson's, he has it, but it's kind of, ‘So what?' He just moves ahead. It's very cool," he said. "A couple months ago there was like a bunch of us, Back to the Future [cast], Tom Wilson and Lea Thompson ... we had a panel with all of us, and Michael just goes forth and talks, breaks people up, so it's very cool."

Fans have been hoping to see Doc Brown reunite with Marty McFly in a possible sequel but director Robert Zemeckis is certainly against the possibility of Back To The Future 4. Zemeckis even went as far as stating that a remake can only be done when he is dead.

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