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Christian Bale Reveals Why Gorr Doesn't Have a Comically Accurate Look in Thor: Love and Thunder

After critically-acclaimed actor, Christian Bale was announced to recreate the live-action adaptation of Marvel Comics' infamous Gorr The God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder, the hype for the film grew even bigger.

But after first look images swirled online showing a glimpse of Bale's look as the white-skinned villain, fans have mixed reactions due to it wasn't nearly what Gorr looked like from the source material. Thankfully, when trailers were released, fans saw a more transparent look at the villain, which appears to be as frightening just like in the comics.

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In a recent interview with Comicbook, Bale finally discloses why Gorr The God Butcher's live-action look had to be altered for Thor: Love and Thunder. According to the actor, he fully opposes Gorr's black g-string and cloak costume, a decision that was ultimately settled by Taika Waititi.

"I was coming off of a film where it had been necessary to be sort of rather lacking in muscle, and then I saw the images and thought, 'Well, that's not gonna be possible... and this g-string thing that's going on there.' He looked in the comic books like physically, you know, someone to reckon with though," Bale explained. "And I said, 'Well, you know, that's just not gonna be possible in the state I'm in. And we literally have three days between me finishing one film and heading over to Australia for the quarantine and whatnot.' I like to usually have much more time in between, but the pandemic meant that things got worked out that way. So we said, 'All right, no, we'll go with the supernatural powers that he does have, that he gets from the Necro sword, et cetera,' which I think works really effectively, and, you know, they might wanna see his ass; they don't wanna see mine. So let's say lose that g-string – and that decision had, thank God, already been made the very first time I sat down with Taika... He went, 'No, no, no, no, let's not go there.'"

Gorr is one of the classic villains in the comics due to his very disturbing origin story and horrifying motivations. Aside from the All-Black Necrosword, his costume is one of the most important aspects of the character, which the fans expected to be fully accurate with Bale's live-action version.

Despite the costume alteration, Gorr still looks spine-chilling in the trailer. More importantly, Marvel Studios still maintained his original backstory from the source material, which makes him eerier and a more challenging villain for Hemsworth's Thor.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit the big screens on July 8.

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