01 Jun 2017 6:49 PM +00:00 UTC

Chris Pine Loved His 'Harrison Ford' Moment In Wonder Woman

Besides Gal Gadot, we have Chris Pine playing the male lead for the movie, Steve Trevor. Pine has recently revealed that he has chosen Indiana Jones as one of his inspirations for playing the character, and apparently, the movie has a ‘Harrison Ford' moment that Pine is quite fond of.

During an interview with Late Night with Seth Meyers, Pine's admits that one of his favorite moments in the film was when Steve Trevor punches a German soldier in the face, and he hurts his hand throwing the punch. Pine admits it's a very "Harrison Ford" moment; funny since a lot of Pine's big roles have been influenced by Ford.


It's true. When he was hired to play Kirk in the Star Trek reboot, Pine wanted to make the role truly his own instead of copying William Shatner's performance, so he drew inspiration from Harrison Ford's Han Solo and Indiana Jones because he thought that these characters had every trait that was needed in a lead protagonist — funny, decisive, and arrogant.

I just watched the movie hours ago, and I could say that the hype is definitely real. Wonder Woman is DC's first hit, and it's such a gem to see Diana Prince accept her role as the "savior of humanity." Pine was definitely fun to watch as Steve Trevor, and his chemistry with Diana is magnetic and believable.

Buy your tickets now because the theaters will be full when Wonder Woman comes out June 2.'

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