Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth Exit Star Trek 4 Following Failed Negotiations

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It looks like the USS Enterprise has lost not just one but two captains in just one day. Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth have reportedly bowed out of Star Trek 4 after failed negotiations.

Fans were understandably excited when it was revealed that Hemsworth could reprise his role as James T. Kirk's father George Samuel Kirk, Sr. After all, the Avengers: Infinity War actor could lend some extra star power to the fourth Star Trek film. However, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Hemsworth and Pine were unable to settle on a suitable deal with Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media.

There is a possibility that the two actors are demanding a bigger paycheck due to their A-list status. After all, Pine had major success with Wonder Woman and is set to return in the DC film's sequel. Hemsworth has proven his box office worth with a slew of Marvel flicks including three Thor movies and an upcoming Avengers film.


All the success hasn't impressed the studios, who reportedly argue that Star Trek is "not like a Marvel or Star Wars movie" and is trying to stick to a budget. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the two stars walking away from the sequel.

Pine and Hemsworth first appeared in the 2009 Star Trek movie. Pine has played James Kirk in the reboot's three films and was set to reunite with Hemsworth in Star Trek 4. The sequel was expected to be a time-traveling adventure where Kirk gets to meet his own father.

It is still unclear with Paramount will attempt to renegotiate with both actors to ensure that they will return in the fourth movie. Some are already concerned that the studio might decide to recast the Kirks for Star Trek 4.

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