Chris Evans Shares An Adorable Tip-Toe Hug With Chris Hemsworth On A Marvel Tour

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It might not come as a surprise seeing Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth bonding together knowing that the two have spent more or less ten years working together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it's still pretty cute seeing Marvel's two main Chrises hugging it out.

The Marvel fan account Chris Evans Doing Things just recently uploaded a couple of photos showing Evans and Hemsworth hugging each other behind the scenes of a Marvel press tour, and the post has been going viral online.

It isn't that surprising to see the two Chrises bonding while on tour, but fans couldn't help but squeal over how Evans needs to stand on his tippy toes just so that he can reach and hug his Marvel co-star.

Check it out down here:


It's a pretty adorable sight for sore eyes, and the post has gotten more than 21, 00 retweets and 61,000 likes since they've been posted on the social media platform. Imagine that, Captain America himself has to stand on the tips of his toes just so that he can give Asgard's God of Thunder a big ol' hug.

Right now the future of Evans and Hemsworth after Avengers 4 still hangs in the air, so moments like these are pretty precious.

Avengers: Infinity War is currently available on digital HD. The film will be made available on Blu-Ray on August 14.

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