27 Mar 2019 12:39 PM +00:00

Chris Evans Reveals the Captain America Props He was Allowed to Keep

When it comes to films, there's always a tradition of actors keeping props or costumes from the set. Chris Evans reveals that he was allowed to keep some Captain America memorabilia during his time working for Marvel, but he didn't quite get everything he wanted to keep.

Evans tells the Hollywood Reporter:

"They gave me the shield; they have me the cowl. I'm gonna ask for the full suit; I never asked for the full suit. [Chris] Hemsworth got the full suit. I want the full suit."


It's understandable sometimes that the actors won't be able to get the full costume because they can be worth thousands of dollars each. Ben Affleck had said that he wanted one of the bat suits from Batman v Superman but opted not to get one after he was told how much it was worth.

Others actually get away by outright stealing it from the set. Ryan Reynolds had revealed that he stole one of the suits from Deadpool by driving off the set while he was still wearing one on the last day of shooting.

Hopefull,y Marvel Studios would be generous enough to give Evans what he wants. Besides playing the part of Captain America onscreen, Evans has also done some great charity work, visiting children's hospitals in character as Steve Rogers. I think he deserves to get what he wants from the studio.

For now, catch Evans in his last reprisal of Captain America in Avengers: Endgame, in theaters April 26.

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