Chris Evans Continues to Defend the MCU Against Critics

The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be Hollywood's most successful comic book film franchises, however, Marvel isn't immune to critics against superhero films.

Critically-acclaimed film auter Martin Scorsese instigated a major conversation about the relevance of Marvel movies to cinema when he told Empire last year that movies from the MCU were nothing but "theme parks" and that they weren't cinema.

Now, it looks like the discussion continues with Captain America actor Chris Evans defending Marvel movies in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking with THR on the entertainment news outlet's Awards Chatter Podcast, the Avengers: Endgame star was asked what he thought about the MCU's effect on cinema. While Evans admits that there are audiences who're getting used to the structure of the films in the MCU, that doesn't mean that Marvel movies aren't any less special and important to fans.

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"We may be a little bit too accustomed to the structure now so I think it's easy to sweep it into the same category as films of that nature,' Evans said. "But I really do think they stand apart. And the caliber of talent they attract is a testament to that."

Sure, Marvel movies might not have the same depth as films like Oscar Award-winning movies like Taxi Driver or 12 Years a Slave, however, the MCU still has a place in cinema. They're certainly entertaining, giving Marvel fans something to enjoy and look forward to, especially in troubled times like these.

What are your thoughts on Marvel movies and its place in the cinematic industry? Feel free to make use of the comment section below.

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