Chloe Zhao Speaks Up on Negative Performance of Eternals on Rotten Tomatoes

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Surprisingly, not all Marvel releases this year has garnered positive reviews as Eternals garnered a negative performance on Rotten Tomatoes and becoming the lowest-rated MCU film, even lower than Thor: The Dark World. The director of the movie, Chloé Zhao, speaks up on the issue and she encourages the fans to watch it once it arrives on Disney Plus.

Chloé Zhao Speaks Up on Negative Performance of Eternals on Rotten Tomatoes
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Chloé Zhao Speaks Up on Negative Performance of Eternals on Rotten Tomatoes

The Eternals currently sits as the lowest rated MCU film on Rotten Tomatoes for various reasons in the eyes of many critics. It has a rating of 47% in the platform, as of the time of writing, which is far from other MCU movies having really high scores.

While reviews are mixed with the latest release of Marvel on the age-old band of superheroes, many got intrigued and still watched the movie. After all, it is not so bad a rating after all as compared to other movies like that of Venom which currently has 30%.

In an Instagram story, Eternals director Chloé Zhao had something to say as regards the poor reviews of the movie and encouraged fans to stream the film on Disney Plus once it arrives. Zhao had a photo of a post from Rotten Tomatoes screen captured and she said, “Does it? Join the fun debate or if you are not sure, check it out on Disney+ on January 12 with directors commentary and many features.”

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Zhao even tagged Rotten Tomatoes in the said Instagram story. (See photo CBR's report here.) The cheeky response of Chloé Zhao is quite intriguing and a fun way to deal with the negative reviews of her MCU debut film.

Eternals is also one of the lowest in terms of box office revenue having a worldwide earning of $401.5 million considering the budget of the film being $200 million. Given that the film was released in the high time of a global pandemic and it wasn’t released in one of the largest markets, China, among other countries that banned the film as well for having a same-sex couple, it’s not so bad at all.


Eternals will be arriving on Disney Plus on January 12, 2021.

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