China Also Set to Re-Release Avatar in Theaters Alongside Avengers Films

China is slowly trying to get back on its feet after being the epicenter of the Coronavirus Outbreak. Over 500 theaters have apparently re-opened, and there were plans to re-release the original four Avengers films. What's interesting is, China has one more blockbuster in mind to try and entice people to come back to theaters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, these theaters are also planning to do a re-release of James Cameron's Avatar—the highest grossing film of all time before Avengers: Endgame dethroned it last year. With a sequel aiming to come out in 2021, I guess it would make sense for China to allow people to revisit the film, and with the spectacle of Avatar, you can bet it's an entirely different experience when you watch it in a movie theater.

What's more, it looks like blockbusters from Christopher Nolan like Inception and Interstellar will also be making a re-release. While it's not a guarantee that people are going to come back, I guess it wouldn't hurt to try, seeing that the film industry was one of the things to get hit the hardest by the outbreak.

Then again, it's still unclear if opening theaters would be a good idea. As of now, the world is still on lockdown, with people expecting months more of these conditions. It's kind of ballsy for China to start re-opening public stores, what with the country being the epicenter of the virus and all.

For the rest of the world though, it's best we stay at home and watch whatever's on Netflix.

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