Chicago Med Season 7 Spoilers, News & Update: Dr. Ethan Choi Actor Shares How Character Will Be Much Different

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Credit: One Chicago/YouTube

Dr. Ethan Choi has returned for the rest of Chicago Med Season 7. Since being shot at the end of Season 6, he has been through a lot. Now, actor Oliver Platt has hinted that Ethan's tragedy has profoundly affected the character.

Ethan will lean on Charles again in Chicago Med Season 7

As Chicago Med Season 7 progresses, Ethan will once again rely on Dr. Daniel Charles. According to TV Insider, during One Chicago's recent press day, executive producer Andrew Schneider disclosed: "He gets thrown a big, emotional curveball, which he'll come to Dr. Charles to talk about."

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That "emotional curveball" could make an appearance in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 19. The official synopsis goes as follows:

Halstead and Asher work to save a surrogate’s baby; Charles cares for a patient on a hunger strike; Choi and Archer help a patient with ties to Choi’s late father; Scott and Maggie are stumped by a drunken patient who claims to be sober.

A special bond

Ethan has known Dr. Charles for a long time, and Charles has already shown his support for him in Chicago Med Season 7.

Ethan and Charles ran into one other in Episode 12 while Ethan was still recovering from surgery. When Dr. Charles accompanied Ethan to see his father, Patrick, the story took a tragic turn.

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Ethan's father had to be transported to the hospital after collapsing. There, Ethan learns that Patrick has a fatal brain tumor for which he has been refusing treatment.

Dr. Charles comes to Ethan's aid after he collapses outside his father's house. At the end of the episode, Ethan receives a phone call and appears to sense that it will not be good news. He asks Dr. Charles to take it, and he informs Ethan gently that his father has died.

Oliver Platt teases a ‘different Ethan’ in Chicago Med Season 7

During an interview with TV Insider, Dr. Charles actor Oliver Platt hinted that fans would see changes in Ethan for the rest of Chicago Med Season 7.

“I love the way our relationship has developed. Some of my favorite stuff with Ethan was in the first season when he was dealing with his PTSD and we informally struck up a relationship,” Platt said. “He’s gone off and a lot of stuff’s happened to him, so I think you’re gonna see a different Ethan.”

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Chicago Med Season 7 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.


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