Check Out The Mandalorian’s Possible Armor Upgrades for Season 2

Though The Mandalorian is expected to return to Disney+ this October, Disney has yet to give us any official promo material, much less a trailer. Thanks to a possible leak though, we may have a look at Din Djarin's armor upgrades for the second season.

This comes courtesy of u/karangrewal123 on Reddit:

Mandalorian season 2 armour leak:the differences foundre the tight thigh armour is different and he has put the left knee pad from his original armour back on. I also noticed that hes not wearing the jetpack for some reason. I'notherf this is real, Iound it on the r/starwarsblackseries Reddit

Compared to the armor he has in the end of the first season, this showcases a new piece of armor on the right thigh. The post points out a return of some knee armor, but it looks like it has always been there. Something somebody noticed in the comments is that of the shorter and tattered cape, which was damaged in the fight with Moff Gideon.

I have to hand it to Lucasfilm/Hasbro. They found a way to continue making Mandalorian merch with the Mando's slow upgrades. The first season alone got us two solid appearances from the Mandalorian, but I expect him to get a lot more shiny as the second season progresses. You think he would have had a full set with all the Beskar he got from the client.

We don't know when Lucasfilm will drop the first teaser for The Mandalorian 2, but rumor has it that it could be this weekend alongside the NBA playoffs. It's just a rumor for now, and we'll just have to wait and see what happens. With a rumored release set for October, you'd think Lucasfilm would have started marketing by last month.

The Mandalorian Season 2 is expected to come to Disney+ this October.

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