Charmander is the Third Pokemon to Get a Funko Pop

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After Pikachu and Bulbasaur, the next Pokemon to get a Funko Pop is none other than the fire-type that made a lot of fans hot for the franchise: Charmander. Easily the most popular fire-type starter and the Pokemon most people chose when playing Red and Blue, it's not too surprising to know that the adorable lizard is getting a Funko.

This comes one month after Bulbasaur was release, so we can probably assume that Squirtle is the next Pokemon to get a Funko Pop. Charmander is a favorite to many so expect this cute little Funko to make a ton of money. Or not. I don't know how fast these things go but there are a ton of them so there's that.

Charmander's Pop doesn't look too bad, though it does have the signature Funko eyes that are only black, making it kind of creepy. Bulbasaur and Pikachu also had similar eyes, though it only really works with the Electric-type mouse since its eyes were all black with a white spot, to add to the cuteness. Still, the Charmander Pop is decent-looking and fans should be happy.

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Credit: Funko

At least it isn't Charmeleon. If I were Funko, we would go straight to Charizard.


Fans will be able to get the Charmander Funko Pop this June.

Via Entertainment Earth

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