Charlie Cox Reveals Whether Daredevil: Born Again is a Continuation of the Netflix Show

Ever since Marvel Studios announced that they are working on a new Daredevil series titled Daredevil: Born Again with Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio returning, a lot of fans have been wondering whether the upcoming Disney+ series will serve as a continuation of the past Netflix series. Now, we finally have the answer from Cox himself.

Speaking recently with Extra TV after Marvel Studios' D23 presentation, Cox was asked about the upcoming series' connection to the three-season series that aired on Netflix to which he revealed that the new series will be "different" and will have "new stories and new ideas."

"I don’t know anything. I haven’t seen a script," Cox said. "My feeling is, based on the title ‘Born Again,’ I think that the sense is it is a new beginning, it is going to be different, it is going to be totally different. It is going to be new stories, and new ideas."

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Cox also iterated Kevin Feige's previous explanation where he said that the series is going to be treated like the first season, not a fourth season of the old series. He also went on to describe the new series as a "whole new thing."

"It is a Season 1, it is not Season 4, so it is a whole new thing. Which I think is the way to go. If you are going to do it again, do it differently," the actor added.

It looks like we finally have the clarification about whether Born Again will have any connection to the old Netflix series. Despite retaining the two main actors, it looks like they are going to start fresh and this probably answered most questions about whether these MCU versions are the same as from The Defenders.

It is still interesting to see if Marvel Studios will bring back some of the supporting actors from the past series to reprise their roles in Born Again or if they'll recast them with new actors instead. Either way, it looks like we should be expecting a brand new take on Daredevil as he is now officially part of the MCU.

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Daredevil: Born Again is slated to release on Disney+ in 2024. You can check more details about it here.

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