Chainsaw Man's Tatsuki Fujimoto Just Cooked Up a Fearsome New Devil

Chainsaw Man New Devil Makima

Chainsaw Man New Devil Makima

Chainsaw Man fans have been saying for quite some time now to let Tatsuki Fujimoto cook, and he did not disappoint. The latest Chainsaw Man chapter revealed a fearsome new devil with an interesting power.

Based on the previous chapter, fans were expecting the Death Devil to be introduced. After all, we now know three of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

But it turns out that Death isn’t the new devil, and it’s something not many expected.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 spoilers in this article.

Chainsaw Man Introduces the Falling Devil

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In Chapter 123, Asa Mitaka came across a disturbing scene of people jumping from an apartment building.

This built up the emergence of a fearsome new devil that Asa says she doesn’t have the power to face.

Given how the Four Horsemen were being built up, many fans expected this to be the Death Devil. This was supported by Fami mentioning that the devils are coming to herald a powerful foe.

But this new devil turned out to be the Falling Devil, and it embodies a primal fear. After all, the fear of falling is pretty much ingrained in everyone.

Aside from its interesting chef-like appearance, the Falling Devil’s power is unique.

What it does is give humans a taste of their past trauma. The lower their heart sinks, the higher their body falls.

Asa is shown a traumatic experience from years ago, and as her heart sank, she is shown to be falling, with the world seemingly being flipped.

Other people are also shown falling from the sky, indicating that Asa isn’t the only victim.

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Fans Want to Let Tatsuki Fujimoto Cook

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What also got a lot of attention in the latest chapter is the devil’s line, “allow me to begin cooking”, which many fans believe is a reference to the “let him cook” meme.

This meme is a popular one among manga fans, especially Chainsaw Man fans.

The meme is usually shared in response to slow chapters where fans say that they should “let Fujimoto cook”, as he’s bound to cook up some interesting stuff.

With the line being uttered by the Falling Devil, coupled with how the world has turned for Asa (literally), fans are telling everyone to let Fujimoto cook as the next chapter is bound to be even crazier.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the story to continue though, as Chapter 124 will be released in two weeks.

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