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Chainsaw Man Fans Love Kobeni’s New Look in the Anime

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There’s been a lot of chatter about the disgusting vomit scene in the latest Chainsaw Man episode. Though fans have also been talking about their love for Kobeni’s new look in the Chainsaw Man anime.

For the most part, the anime adaptation doesn’t stray far from the manga source material.

But the anime does feature some additions, including a modification to Kobeni’s outfit that makes her even cuter, according to fans.

Chainsaw Man Fans React to Kobeni

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Kobeni made her debut in Chainsaw Man Episode 4, but her appearance was short.

She finally got her time to shine in Episode 6 as it featured Kobeni in all her panicky and anxious glory.

Kobeni played a big role in the sixth episode as she was the one most affected by being stuck in the hotel courtesy of the Eternity Devil.

In fact, Kobeni tried to kill Denji twice, though she was stopped both times by Aki.

It’s fair to say that Kobeni is a fan favorite, at least when it comes to manga readers.

After all, Kobeni has played a part in several iconic moments from the manga. But it seems that this opinion is not shared by many anime-only fans.

After Episode 6, many fans took to Twitter and other platforms to share how they found Kobeni annoying as she did nothing but cry and panic.

Some fans defended Kobeni though, saying that they think it’s good to have a character who will react normally to a horrifying situation.

After all, Denji, Power, and Aki didn’t react as normal people would in the fight against the Eternity Devil.

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Kobeni’s New Look in the Anime

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Now though, it seems that many fans have changed their opinion on Kobeni.

As the devil hunters were able to survive, viewers were now able to see Kobeni in a non-threatening situation.

One particular thing that stood out for fans is Kobeni’s outfit. While her dress remains unchanged, MAPPA gave her a beret which she did not have in the manga.

Many fans thought that this was a great addition as it made many feel that they “must protect” her.

In fact, a post on Twitter about her anime-original beret went viral with lots of likes and retweets.

Even the official Chainsaw Man EN Twitter account joined in the Kobeni appreciation train, highlighting her off-duty look in the last episode.

Whether you like her from the beginning or if you’ve changed your opinion on her, you’ll see more of Kobeni in the next Chainsaw Man episode which airs next week.

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