Chainsaw Man Anime Expo 2022 Panel Recap: All the Details

chainsaw man anime expo 2022 makima

chainsaw man anime expo 2022 makima

This year’s Anime Expo saw lots of big announcements, including some surprise reveals like Panty and Stocking Season 2 and the Solo Leveling anime. During the final day, a Chainsaw Man panel at Anime Expo 2022 was also held which revealed new info about the anime.

The 50-minute-long panel was an event that fans of the manga were excited about. After all, the Chainsaw Man anime is currently one of the most highly anticipated shows that are coming soon.

Attending the panel were MAPPA CEO, Manabu Otsuka, executive director, Makoto Kimura, and series composer, Hiroshi Seko.

The three representatives from MAPPA revealed some key information about the upcoming anime, including the fact that Chainsaw Man won’t be censored. The decision to not censor Chainsaw Man was made to keep the anime true to the source material.

MAPPA also got series creator, Tatsuki Fujimoto to directly oversee the anime. Specifically, Fujimoto was involved in the planning, casting, and music for the upcoming anime series (via CBR).

While the anime promises to be true to the source material, there will be some minor changes. As the manga’s pacing is unpredictable, some episodes will feature a bit of padding to help the story flow better.

As for the anime’s soundtrack, the MAPPA staff revealed that the composer Kensuke Ushio was chosen because of his work on Devilman Crybaby. The producers of the Chainsaw Man anime thought that Ushio’s style will work well with the show.

Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date News

Fans were eagerly awaiting more info on the Chainsaw Man anime from the panel, including a release date and a new trailer.

Though the Anime Expo panel did not give us the Chainsaw Man anime release date, nor did we get a new trailer.

Currently, there’s also no information on how long the anime series will be. We’ll also have to wait a bit longer for the cast announcement.

Chainsaw Man is set to release sometime in 2022.

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