Chainsaw Man's Aki Hayakawa Gets a Suggestive and Bloody Figure

Chainsaw Man Aki Figure

Chainsaw Man Aki Figure

The first season may have ended recently, but the hype is not slowing down anytime soon as a new Chainsaw Man figure was revealed, this time of Aki in a suggestive and bloody pose that promises to be a hit among Aki stans everywhere.

This latest Chainsaw Man figure is by Myethos, a renowned figure brand that specializes in large, detailed anime figures.

Aki’s new figure is no exception as it’s impeccably detailed and eye-catching to boot.

Aki Hayakawa: The CSM Fan Favorite

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If you ask Chainsaw Man fans who their favorite character is, chances are that many of them will say Aki Hayakawa, the Public Safety Devil Hunter who is assigned to work alongside Denji and Power.

Aside from his good looks and brooding appearance (which is always a hit among many anime fans), many viewers love him for being the no-nonsense straight man that balances the wacky hijinks of Denji and Power.

It also helps that MAPPA gave him a lot of love in their anime adaptation as he got extended anime-only scenes that show his daily life.

In case you need more proof, Aki topped the second character popularity poll for manga readers back in early 2021. Aki took the top spot, followed by Makima and then Power.

For reference, Aki placed third in the first popularity poll, indicating that he has always been one of the series’ most beloved characters.

While Denji and Power may have been the first characters to get figures, a cutesy Nendoroid figure of Aki was also recently revealed that’s available for pre-order now.

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New Chainsaw Man Aki Figure

If the Nendoroid is a bit too cutesy for your taste, chances are that you’ll like this new figure.

Recently, several online stores such as Crunchyroll revealed the new Aki figure by Myethos.

It’s a large 1/7 scale figure that features a bloody Aki sitting down after killing an enemy.

In theory, this look might seem gruesome, but the figure itself is weirdly suggestive, with Aki sitting down rather invitingly. This makes it an even more interesting figure, and a must-have for deep-pocketed fans.

You will need to dig deep into your wallet for this one as the figure is priced at USD 257.99.

Though you still have some time to save up as pre-orders are open now on the Crunchyroll Store until March 5, 2023.

However, it’ll take a while before you get it as the figure is estimated to ship in May 2024.

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Source: Crunchyroll

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