Chae Jong Hyeop Military Exemption: Unlock My Boss Star Updates Viewers With His Health Condition

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Chae Jong Hyeop continues to gain the interest of viewers after landing back-to-back K-dramas with entertaining characters.

From the second lead in Nevertheless to the hopeless romantic athlete in Love All Play, he recently starred in the webtoon-based drama series Unlock My Boss, opposite Park Sung Woong, and Seo Eun Soo.

As the model turned actor skyrocketed his fame thanks to the hit series where he plays the main character, Chae Jong Hyeop surprised fans with a shocking revelation about his health.

Chae Jong Hyeop Health Status: Actor Gets Honest About His Condition

In a report obtained by Soompi, the South Korean heartthrob shared his battle with epilepsy and how it affected his military enlistment.

The 29-year-old actor mentioned his desire to join the military enlistment since he is approaching his thirties; however, he couldn't fulfill his duty and was unfit to work based on his test.

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Although he was approved to be part of a Wartime Labor Service Agent, which basically translates to Grade 5 in the Military Manpower Administration’s physical examination, given that Grades 1 to 3 are the only ones qualified for active service.

“When I got my physical examination [to enlist], I received a Grade 4 [meaning he is unfit for active duty], but if you don’t enlist within four years, you have to take another test,” he said that since enlisting and the military is a sensitive topic, he wanted “to be fully recovered but my reexamination date was decided so I got an electroencephalography [EEG] and they said I had epilepsy.”

However, he is now monitoring his health and medication to combat it.

The actor also shared that he first experienced symptoms of epilepsy in 2018 when he was studying abroad and would experience sudden collapse and foam in his mouth.

Chae Jong Hyeop New drama

Since the South Korean star is still in the recovery stage, he will continue focusing on his upcoming project along with Kim So Hyun.

The duo will headline a forthcoming webtoon-based K-drama Is it Fate? and will play the role of a single woman named Lee Hong Ju who works in animation production while Chae Jong Hyeop’s character will be Kang Hu Young, Lee Hing Ju’s first love whom she met 10 years ago.

The upcoming movie will be available via tvN and scheduled to air sometime in 2023.

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