Cha Eun Woo to Have His Hollywood Debut? Here’s What We Know

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Cha Eun Woo is selected as one of the main characters of K-Pop: Lost in America.

The ASTRO member is courted to join Hollywood stars Rebel Wilson and Charles Melton for the upcoming film.

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Cha Eun Woo Offered to Star in Rebel Wilson, Charles Melton’s K-Pop: Lost in America

In an exclusive report shared by Star News, an industry insider shared that the South Korean heartthrob is in discussion to join the cast and “had even cleared part of his schedule for the second half of 2022” in preparation for the production.

The outlet did not disclose the character but said that Cha Eun Woo is offered one of the lead roles.

If the singer-actor officially agrees to headline the cast lineup, K-Pop: Lost in America will be his debut in Hollywood, and joins the list of Hallyu stars who also appeared in international movies.

It includes The Roundup star Ma Dong Seok, also known by his American name Don Lee who joined Angelina Jolie’s The Eternals and RAIN for Ninja Assassin.


K-Pop: Lost in America: What We Know So Far?

Deadline exclusively reported that Rebel Wilson and Charles Melton are headlining an upcoming film K-Pop: Lost in America.

The Australian actress is famous for her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect and recently appeared in Netflix’s Senior Year while Charles Melton is best known for his character Reggie Mantle on The CW TV show Riverdale.

According to the outlet, it depicts the story of the emerging K-pop group who “finds themselves mistakenly stranded in Waco, Texas” right before their Hollywood debut at Madison Square Garden.

Trying to get back on their schedule they had to overcome differences and succeed in “crazy obstacles” to get to New York City despite not having “phones, no money, and no transportation.”

Interestingly, they learned to love Texas and vice versa.


It stimulates the viewer’s question of whether the breaking Kpop group will have their dream performance at Madison Square Garden.

As noted by the outlet, the upcoming film is expected to begin its production this fall and is helmed by JK Youn, who is behind the films Haeundae and Ode to My Father.

In addition, K-Pop: Lost in America was executive produced by Interstellar’s Linda Obst and Miky Lee of Parasite.

Aside from Cha Eun Woo, Rebel Wilson, and Charles Melton, officials also stated that they are planning to cast “actual K-pop stars in the movie.”

With this, viewers could expect more familiar faces headlining K-Pop: Lost in America cast.

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Cha Eun Woo’s Back-to-Back Projects

While the ASTRO member gears up for his Hollywood debut, Cha Eun Woo is also slated to appear in multiple projects.

After the mega-hit Kdrama True beauty, the singer-actor is returning to the small screen after two years to star in ​​Island Season 1.

Cha Eun Woo will headline the upcoming thriller fantasy series alongside Lee Da Hee and Kim Nam Gil.


Apart from this, he is also set to appear as the lead star in the webtoon-based Kdrama Sweet and Sour Chicken.

The upcoming series is helmed by Be Melodramatic and Again My Life director Lee Byung Hun.

As for movies, he joined the cast of the star-studded movie Decibel alongside Kim Rae Won, Lee Jong Suk, Eve star Park Byung Eun and more.

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