Russian Streaming Websites Ban Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Naruto, Elfen Lied, Inuyashiki, and More

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Animes have a wide range of coverage from romance to fantasy to horror. Some passes like the wind and some draw attention for being controversial. And for some, they even reach the point of being banned.

A Russian court recently released updates as regards its ban on Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, and more. In a recent report from Anime News Network, several websites in Russia were under review for streaming Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Naruto, Elfen Lied, Inuyashiki, and more.


A new ruling was released as regards the ban and this results in two websites being formally barred from hosting some of the anime series.

According to a report on The Moscow Times last January 20, St. Petersburg's Kolpinsky district court in Russia banned Death Note and Inuyashiki from being streamed and distributed on two unnamed websites. Tokyo Ghoul would also face the same fate from one unspecified website. Elfen Lied would be banned as well from another website.

The shows were banned specifically on the websites on the ground that the website did not adhere to the age restrictions that the Russian laws require for the titles. The prosecution also noted that one of the series contains cruelty, murder, and violence.

This ruling of the court takes effect on January 20 for the abovementioned titles and websites and the case opens the doors to possible bans of animes in the future.


The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media holds the authority to ban pages that would host these shows even without legal proceedings given the present ruling on the ban.

Further, Aki Sora will also be facing a review under the Minister of Internal Affairs for possibly being in violation of Russian law. There is no formal ruling on this investigation yet.

Death Note has been controversial in Russia ever since. The Parents Organization of the Ural Federal District of Russia sent an open letter to the president in 2013 for an appeal to ban the manga for its influence on their children.

Anime News Network could not confirm which websites were banned for the streams of the anime.


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