Celebrity: What Is the K-Drama About?

Celebrity: What Is the K-Drama About
Credit: Netflix

Celebrity: What Is the K-Drama About
Credit: Netflix

If you love K-Drama series, Netflix's Celebrity could be for you. Wondering what Celebrity is about? Find out in our spoiler-free guide below:

What Is Netflix's Celebrity About? Trailer Information

Celebrity is a Korean drama tv series written by Kim Yi-young and directed by Kim Cheol-kyu, distributed by Netflix. It promises to deliver a thrilling tale full of mystery and drama.

So far, Netflix has released a teaser as well as a full trailer, giving us a good idea about the show's main plot and themes.

Celebrity follows Seo Ah-ri, the titular celebrity, who is a social media influencer.

Both trailers mention the desire to be famous as the driving force behind the protagonist's actions.

The show recounts how Seo Ah-ri went from the lowest social media rank to influencer status and other celebrities' reactions to her success.

But this isn't just a contemporary tale about the hollowness of social media fame.

As the teaser trailer suggests, Seo Ah-ri's is addressing her followers from the grave.

What we presume is her last, most likely pre-recorded video, features her telling her fans that a follower has murdered her.

In the last, chilling moment of the trailer, she looks blankly at the screen, saying that she's talking about "you," addressing any possible person who is watching her.

Simultaneously, we see the incredulity of Ah-ri's fellow celebrities who doubt that she's really dead.

Could Ah-ri have faked her death? And if not, how did she film her video so calmly, knowing it'd be her last?

Already, the premise has us hooked!

What About the Other Characters?

Netflix's Celebrity Characters
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Credit: Netflix

Celebrity features an ensemble cast. Seo Ah-ri's (Park Gyu-young) supposed death drives the plot, but there are other characters to be aware of.

The trailer features a number of other people, many of whom seem jealous, ambivalent, or otherwise suspicious of Ah-ri and her social media success.

These characters include:

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  • Han Jun-kyung (Kang Min-hyuk), a company worker whose life gets entangled with Ah-ri's;
  • Oh Min-hye (Jun Hyo-seong) Ah-ri's classmate who is also a social media influencer;
  • Jin Tae-jeon (Lee Dong-gun) an old friend of Ah-ri's currently the CEO of a law firm;
  • Lee Chung-Ah (Yoon Shi-hyeon), Jin Tae-jeon wife.

Watch the tv show on Netflix to find out more about each of the main characters!

Celebrity's Themes Explained

Celebrity's Themes Explained
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Credit: Netflix

From the above, we can deduce that Celebrity is concerned with the thrills, drama, and dangers of social media -- a popular topic in 21st-century creative works.

Saturated as most algorithms are, more social media platforms rise, promising instant fame to those willing to go far enough.

However, putting one's entire life on display comes with risks that can be detrimental to one's well-being, from cyberbullying to real-life attacks in the most extreme cases.

Moreover, many influencers are well-versed in buzzwords, topics, and situations that sell, and they're determined to use them to their advantage.

This means that one should never unquestioningly trust everything that they see on social media, as something much darker could be lurking behind it.

Judging from the fast-paced, thriller-y trailers, we would expect Celebrity to touch on these topics quite a bit.

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