CBS All Access Extends Free Trial to 60 Days, So You Can Binge-Watch Star Trek All You Want

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Credit: CBS All Access

During this quarantine, people are running out of things to watch at home. Luckily, CBS All Access is here to help with binge-watching needs. The streaming service has already offered a free trial for a month, as shared by Sir Patrick Stewart, who stars in Star Trek: Picard, available on CBS All Access as well. Now, they're offering an extended trial period for those who are looking for more shows to watch.


Mashable reports that the free trial is now extended to 60 days giving plenty of time for subscribers to binge-watch Star Trek and more. You just have to head on the website, upon checkout, you can used to promo code "GIFT" for a month of free trial. Once your account has been made, you can enjoy another 30 days if you go to account settings and put the promo code "ENJOY" in the "Subscription & Billing" area.

Two months of free subscription to the streaming service gives you access to stream as much Star Trek as you want. Aside from that, CBS All Access has tons to choose from. Including The Twilight Zone original iteration and the reboot, as well as CSI, NCIS, MacGyver, and Hawaii Five-0. There's also the option to watch reality shows including Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race. There are classics as well, with Family Ties, Magnum P.I. Mission: Impossible, I Love Lucy, and more.

If you're planning to watch the next season of Picard, this a good opportunity to catch up on the first season before the second one arrives.

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