12 Sep 2018 11:50 AM +00:00 UTC

Catch Honest Trailer for the Original Predator Before Watching the Reboot


Shane Black’s The Predator is set to come out later this week, and Screen Junkies thought it was the right time to drop their Honest Trailer treatment for the cult classic Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Something is hunting men for sport, and that something would have been an awesome mystery… if they didn’t show a spaceship in the first scene.


Like the trailer suggests, Predator is one of those films that have aged really well over the years, and it’s a shame that Hollywood can’t seem to build a meaningful franchise around it that could live up to the first movie.

Personally, I thought the 2010 Predators movie was kind of fun, and it’s a shame that they had to leave things a bit open-ended and we never got to know what happened to Adrian Brody’s character.

With this upcoming Predator, however, I think Black and the studio are trying to build up a franchise again. It was even reported that Schwarzenegger was asked to reprise his role of Dutch in the film, but he declined since he had to work with James Cameron on the new Terminator movie. If The Predator kicks things off, though, I can imagine that we would see an appearance from Dutch somewhere down the line.

The Predator hits theaters Sept. 14.

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