20 Nov 2019 11:09 AM +00:00 UTC

Catch Honest Trailer for Tangled Before Frozen 2

Honest Trailers had already covered Frozen way back in 2014, but with the sequel coming out this weekend, they’ve decided to cover a Disney movie that they haven’t done before, Tangled.

Once Upon a time, Disney spent years working on a classic 2D-animated Rapunzel movie, but when Princess and the Frog flopped and Shrek soared to box-office heights, King Eisner decreed they start over with a joke-filled CGI romp for boys and girls alike, and you know what? It’s better than Frozen. Come at me haters.

Admittedly, I think that Tangled is way better than Frozen, even if the latter ultimately came out as the more popular film. The jokes are fantastic, and I love all the music in the film. I guess if it came to what I don’t love about Tangled, I think the “rebellious teen” vibe we get from Rapunzel gets kind of corny. I mean, she’s lucky that Flynn Rider is a good guy because otherwise, the film is telling little kids to run off with the first handsome guy they meet, regardless of what your parents say.

Here's the original Frozen Honest Trailer:


Though a lot of people like to trash on Frozen, a lot of good things are being said about the sequel. If you ask me, I think they’re going to mature the story, counting that the original audience for the first film has already grown up. It’s basically what they did with the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

For now, we wait for Frozen II which hit theaters Nov. 22.

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